Wednesday, July 20, 2011

...and she thought and thought till her thinker was sore

I'm committed to making the most of my blog but it's been difficult to decide exactly how I want to approach this public writing. When I first started the blog, about 4 years ago, it was written somewhat anonymously so I felt quite free to write about issues of personal importance.  My thoughts, my opinions, what the heck?  When I realized that my ramblings might be read by individuals who knew me, I changed the tone somewhat and it became a journal of knitting and coffee - photo heavy.  This wasn't as satisfying in terms of content but it was safer in terms of boundaries.

I've decided to make one more change to see if I can write blogs that are interesting to me and are also actually worth writing down and sending into cyberspace.  I'm interested in many MANY things - issues, subjects - so the topics will vary; however, the main goal will be, as I said on the Twitter, to reflect an intersection between my life (thoughts, feelings, ideas, happenings) and my fondness for coffee.  I look forward to seeing if it actually works.

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