Sunday, June 10, 2012

Visual Dare: Boy with books

it's a world of laughter, a world of tears
there were  only tears in my childhood home but eventually they stopped too

its a world of hopes, its a world of fear     
the dark nights brought the fear of tomorrows that would always be the same as my yesterdays

there’s so much that we share       
alone in my house, I was allowed no friends

that it's time we're aware       
I  was different -  I could see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices

it's a small world after all
my hopes, my dreams, rested inside worlds shared with me by strangers 

Every week the graceful, dear, Angela Goff, puts a photo up on her lovely blog as a 'Visual Dare'. The photo, and it is always a stunning photo, can be used in one of two ways:
  • incorporate it into your current Work In Progress - literally, or figuratively
  • use it as a 100 word flash fiction to get the brain going in a different creative direction.


  1. ADORE. I love that he seems to be having an internal dialogue - the grown Someone, the little-boy Someone, and an external Someone. Well played!

    A gem, as always, JoAnne! :D

    1. And as always, Angela, the photo took me in several directions before I settled on this one. Initially I was inspired to write a story of a young boy living in a new country, learning a new language. Then, I thought of a boy to afraid to speak but captured by words in a book. Finally I decided on the theme noted above. At the risk of writing more in this comment than I did in the challenge/dare, I've always found the words to "It's a Small World" quite melancholy and tinged with a bit of regret. That could be a reflection of my childhood psyche rather than the song itself. Still, Disney does have depth when really pondered.

      Thanks, as always, Angela for a most interesting dare! :)))

  2. LOVE! So beautifully unique. These visual dares are genius!!!

    1. dear Lillie! Your 5 sentence fiction challenges have been the catalyst for making an intriguing story :)) Angela's visual challenges are also great to get the brain motor working. Thank you for stopping by & commenting. HUGS!!!

  3. Oh, I quite like the layered voices here. I could hear the song and then the spoken phrases underneath!! Really wonderful, Jo-Anne!! :)

    1. Thank you Ruth :)) I mentioned to Angela in a comment above, I tried a couple of different things,and ended up doing something completely different. Good opportunity to try a different voice. thanks so much for commenting :))

  4. Words from songs and books are so much part of my life that an internal dialogue is often hard to ignore! They mean so much to us in so many different ways...all unique. Lovely to read his.