Thursday, May 24, 2012

Visual Dare Challenge

Every week the graceful, dear, Angela Goff, puts a photo up on her lovely blog as a 'Visual Dare'. The photo, and it is always a stunning photo, can be used in one of two ways:
  • incorporate it into your current Work In Progress - literally, or figuratively
  • use it as a 100 word flash fiction to get the brain going in a different creative direction.
This week is Visual Dare #6.  My response is below the photo. 

Standing on tiptoes, seeking sun, seeking warmth, seeking life, I follow the gray out to sea.
There is a moment, one fragile, distant, unattainable, moment when I realize there is nothing.
I am here, yet I am not. 
My feet do not feel the ground, dirt, stones, water, there is nothing but air above and below me.
Has it happened?
Rising is easy, needed, useful, for there is exploration that challenges me.
The path is unknown but I feel no fear, concern, distress, to travel it with certainty.
I am beginning, again.
My life, and now my death, has brought me wonder.


  1. Starting a new journey...beautiful words for a beautiful path...

  2. Inspiring... and yet some sadness too, your words embrace those stones... Beautiful :-)

  3. You just took one of my biggest fears and turned it into an adventure. Nicely done.